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The area colloquially known as 'the Brecks' covers 370 square miles of Norfolk and Suffolk countryside, and is one of the driest parts of Britain. Breckland includes some of the most beautiful and unique countryside habitats in the UK, with vast areas of open heathland joining with tranquil lines of pine forest. Wildlife is abundant, with stone curlew, nightjars, adders, hare, owls and deer all regular visitors. Meanwhile, thriving market towns, well-utilised agricultural land, and the Stanford Battle Area (STANTA) ensure that the beautiful local environment continues to generate a healthy economy.

In addition to the four national nature reserves and the 56 SSSIs, the Brecks is of great interest geologically, where the effects of the last Ice Age can be clearly seen in the shallow craters known as 'pingos'.

The Brecks were once the flint capital of the UK, and the Neolithic mines at Grimes Graves continue to draw visitors. In medieval times, rabbit farming was key to the local economy, and the large number of country estates in the area are a testament to activities on the land, particularly during the 19th century.

Within the boundaries of the Brecks, the Georgian-influenced market towns of Thetford, Swaffham, Watton, Brandon and Mildenhall each offer visitors their own distinctive character and attractions.

Amongst the most notable attractions of the area are included two highly successful brewing companies - the Iceni Brewery at Mundford, and nearby the Brandon Brewery.

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