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Orchard House Hotel Address: 12 Watersmeet Road, Countisbury, tel:01598 753247

Bonnicott House Hotel Address: 10 Watersmeet Rd, Lynmouth, tel:01598 753346

Shelley's Hotel & River Restaurant Address: 8 Watersmeet Road, Countisbury, tel:01598 753219

Seaview Villa Address: 6 Summerhouse Path, Lynmouth, tel:01598 753460

The Village Inn Address: 19 Lynmouth St, Lynmouth, tel:01598 752354

East Lyn House Hotel Address: 17 Watersmeet Road, Countisbury, tel:01598 752540

The Heatherville Hotel Address: 3 Tors Park, Lynmouth, tel:01598 752327

Rock House Hotel Address: , Lynmouth, tel:01598 753508

Lorna Doone House Address: 4 Tors Road, Lynmouth, tel:01598 763777

The Rising Sun Hotel Address: Harbourside Mars Hill, Lynmouth, tel:01598 753223

Lynton Cottage Hotel Address: North Walk, Lynton, tel:01598 752342

The Castle Hill House Hotel Address: Castle Hill, Lynton, tel:01598 752291

St.Vincent House & Restaurant Address: Castle Hill, Lynton, tel:01598 752244

The Crown Hotel Address: Market St, Lynton, tel:01598 752253

Valley of Rocks Hotel Address: Lee Rd, Lynton, tel:01598 752349

Highcliffe House Address: Sinai Hill, Lynton, tel:01598 752235

Ingleside Hotel Address: Off Lee Rd, Lynton, tel:01598 752223

Rockvale Hotel Address: Lee Rd, Lynton, tel:01598 752279

Croft House Hotel Address: Lydiate Lane, Lynton, tel:01598 752391

Alford House Hotel Address: 3 Alford Terrace, Lynton, tel:01598 752359

Seawood Hotel Address: North Walk, Lynton, tel:01598 752272

Chough's Nest Hotel Address: North Walk, Lynton, tel:01598 753315

North Cliff Hotel Address: North Walk, Lynton, tel:01598 752357

Sandrock Hotel Address: Longmead, Lynton, tel:01598 753307

Longmead House Lynton Address: 9 Longmead, Lynton, tel:01598 752523

Countryard Hotel & Restaurant Address: 19 Fore St, Bampton, Tiverton, tel:01398 331842

Anchor Inn & Hotel Address: , Exebridge, Dulverton, tel:01398 323433

Ashwick House Hotel Address: , Dulverton, tel:01398 323868

Exton House Hotel Address: , Exton, Dulverton, tel:01643 851365

Tarr Farm Inn Address: Tarr Steps, Liscombe, Dulverton, tel:01643 851507

Red Lion Hotel Address: Rookery Hill, Oakford, Tiverton, tel:01398 351219

Karslake House Address: Halse Lane, Winsford, Minehead, tel:01643 851242

Bridge House Hotel Address: 24 Luke St, Bampton, Tiverton, tel:01398 331298

The Swan Hotel Address: Station Rd, Bampton, Tiverton, tel:01398 331257

The Exmoor Manor Hotel Address: , Barbrook, Lynton, tel:01598 752404

Exmoor Sandpiper Inn Address: , Countisbury, Lynton, tel:01598 741263

Staghunters Hotel Address: , Brendon, Lynton, tel:01598 741222

Moorlands Address: Woody Bay, Parracombe, Barnstaple, tel:01598 763224

The Old Rectory Hotel Address: Martinhoe, Parracombe, Barnstaple, tel:01598 763368

Heddons Gate Hotel Address: Martinhoe, Barnstaple, tel:01598 763481

The Hunters Inn Address: Heddon Valley, Parracombe, Barnstaple, tel:01598 763230

The George Hotel Address: 1 Broad St, South Molton, tel:01769 572514

The Sportmans Inn Address: , South Molton, tel:01643 831109

The Old Coaching Inn Address: Queen St, South Molton, tel:01769 572526

Stumbles Hotel Address: 134 East St, South Molton, tel:01769 574145

Heasley House Address: , South Molton, tel:01598 740213

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