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Meadowfield Hotel Address: 36 Preston Down Rd, Paignton, tel:01803 522987

Torbay Sands Hotel Address: 16 Marine Parade, Paignton, tel:01803 525568

The Look Out Hotel Address: 14 Marine Parade, Paignton, tel:01803 525638

Preston Sands Hotel Address: 12 Marine Parade, Paignton, tel:01803 558718

Lee Hotel Address: Torbay Rd, Livermead, Torquay, tel:01803 293946

Corbyn Head Hotel Address: Corbynhead Hotel Torbay Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 296366

Braedene Hotel Address: 22 Manor Rd, Paignton, tel:01803 551079

Charterhouse Hotel Address: Cockington Lane, Torquay, tel:01803 605804

Villa Marina Hotel Address: Underhill Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 605440

Redlands Holiday Apartments Address: 31 Marine Drive, Paignton, tel:01803 524080

Sea Verge Hotel Address: 21 Marine Dr, Marldon, tel:01803 557795

Florida Hotel Address: 9 Colin Rd, Paignton, tel:01803 551447

Culverden Hotel Address: 4 Colin Rd, Paignton, tel:01803 559786

Rosslyn Hotel Address: 16 Colin Rd, Paignton, tel:01803 525578

Clifden Lodge Hotel Address: 1 Kings Rd, Paignton, tel:01803 553169

Castleton Hotel Address: 17 Marine Drive, Paignton, tel:01803 558026

Romford Lodge Hotel Address: 19 Marine Dr, Marldon, tel:01803 550315

Livermead House Hotel Address: Torbay Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 294361

Rawlyn House Hotel Address: Rawlyn Rd, Chelston, Torquay, tel:01803 605208

Newlands Hotel Address: Newlands Seaway Lane, Chelston, Torquay, tel:01803 607109

White Gables Hotel Address: Rawlyn Rd, Chelston, Torquay, tel:01803 605233

Lanscombe House Hotel Address: , Cockington Village, Torquay, tel:01803 606938

The Waters Edge Hotel Address: Torbay Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 293876

Ingoldsby Hotel Address: Chelston Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 607497

The Windsurfer Hotel Address: St. Agnes Lane, Torquay, tel:01803 606550

The Elmington Hotel Address: St. Agnes Lane, Torquay, tel:01803 605192

Fairmount House Hotel Address: Herbert Rd, Chelston, Torquay, tel:01803 605446

Cedar Court Hotel Address: 3 St. Matthews Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 607851

Chelston Manor Hotel Address: Old Mill Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 605142

Chelston Mount Hotel Address: Huxtable Hill, Torquay, tel:01803 607845

Colindale Hotel Address: 20 Rathmore Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 293947

The Brocklehurst Hotel Address: Rathmore Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 292735

The Parks Hotel Address: Rathmore Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 292420

Elmdene Hotel Address: Elmdene Rathmore Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 294940

The Kings Hotel Address: 44 Bampfylde Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 293108

The Kelvin House Hotel Address: 46 Bampfylde Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 209093

Tor Dean Hotel Address: 27 Bampfylde Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 294669

Red House Hotel Address: 17 Avenue Road, Kingswerswell, tel:01803 607811

Fleurie Hotel Address: 50 Bampfylde Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 294869

Millbrook House Hotel Address: 1 Old Mill Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 297394

Brandize Hotel Address: 19 Avenue Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 297798

The Westbank Address: 54 Bampfylde Rd, Torquay, tel:01803 295271

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